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Your Classic Steel Knives Guide

Scanpan has launched a new Classic Stainless Steel Knife collection with an elegant and sleek design. The collection of knives are crafted from the finest grade German stainless steel that is tempered and hardened to perfection. This series comprises a variety of different knife types, purposely designed for the majority of cutting tasks. In this blog post we explore the top sellers.

Classic Steel Knives

SCANPAN Classic Steel Knives are an extensive series of functional and elegant kitchen knives which handle the most demanding tasks. Danish design and modern production technology are combined in SCANPAN’s new Classic Steel knife series which is a joy to use in the kitchen. The knife blades are sharpened using a new grinding technique for improved and longer lasting sharpness. The knives are robust and manufactured with optimum weight and balance around the knife shoulder. The series comprises a variety of different knife types which are designed for the majority of cutting tasks. Let's explore...
Classic Cooks Knife, 20cm

This multi-purpose knife was originally designed to primarily slice and disjoint large cuts of beef but is now more commonly used as a general utility knife. In other words, a chef’s knife is basically your go-to as it can be used for many different cooking tasks from mincing and cutting, to chopping vegetables and slicing meat. This knife is ideal for cutting meat, dicing vegetables, slicing herbs, chopping nuts and disjointing some cuts of meat. It’s characterised by a wide blade, pointed tip and is made of heavy, hard steel.

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Classic Steel Bread Knife, 20cm

The Scanpan Classic Steel bread knife cuts effortlessly through crisp crusts, buns and hard skin, such as crispy pork rinds. You can also use the pointed tip for cutting around a bone, and for large boneless pieces of meat like a ham or roast beef. The handle has an ergonomic design, and thus provides a solid grip, even when weight is applied. The shape of the shoulder allows the knife to be held in a pinch grip, where the thumb and index finger sit forwards on the back of the blade for enhanced efficiency and precision. Moreover, the back is rounded for greater finger comfort.

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Classic Steel Cleaver, 16cm

Once you have the basics down, and are ready to get adventurous, a Classical Steel Clever can be a big help. The cleaver is designed for both chopping and delicate slicing. It can pull triple duty in your kitchen for vegetable chopping and dicing – once you know your way around with one, finely chopping even dense vegetables like cabbages and carrots is a breeze.

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Classic Steel Carving Fork, 15cm

Whatever job a Scanpan Classic Steel Knife is designed to do – be it paring, carving, slicing or peeling – you can rest assured that it will perform the task with absolute precision. They are supremely comfortable, superbly balanced and their edge is surgically sharp. Their pedigree is impeccable having the Scanpan mark of quality.

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Tested and rated EXCELLENT

In recent impartial standard tests, our Classic and Classic Steel kitchen knives achieved the highest possible rating: EXCELLENT – in both sequences of the tests, that is. That means that the knives are not only razor sharp when they are brand new. They also stay sharp for a remarkably long time. This impressive result is the culmination of the implementation of the latest technology and the skilled work done by specially trained staff.